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If the clipper is not going to be used for several months, make sure it is stored with a partial battery charge of about 40%. Do not store the clipper in damp conditions. It requires a stable temperature since sudden increases and decreases in temperature will reduce the battery charge capacity. If the clipper is not going to be used in extended periods, make sure to disconnect the adaptor cord from the AC outlet.

There is a 30-day unlimited warranty on blades.

The only blades that can be sharpened are the A-Series and the D-Series. The M-Series and the C-Series CANNOT be sharpened. Both M & C Series are disposable blades.

The Piranha (D-Series) and Stinger (C-Series) clippers are water resistant (IP65 Rating), though this does not mean they are waterproof. If they get water on them or are dropped in water, they can still be used but should be properly dried to ensure they continue working correctly.

The 8 Piece Metal Comb Set | C-Series can only be used with the C-Series clippers. The 8 Piece Metal Comb Set | A-Series & D-Series set can be used with both A-Series and D-series clippers. However, when using it on the A-series clippers, the comb set can only be used with the #10, #15, and #30 blades.

The D-series blades are only for the D-series clippers by Joyzze™. The M-series blades are compatible with most mini trimmers, the A-series blades (both wide and standard) can fit most A5 style clippers, and the C-series blades can fit most 5-in-1 style clippers.

Determining which clipper is best for you all depends on personal preference; however, we do have a compare icon at the top of our Joyzze page that allows you to compare each clipper side by side.

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