8 Piece Metal Comb Set | A-Series & D-Series


Compatible with Most A5 Style Clippers

*A-Series use with specific blades only.

#10 - #15 - #30

Compatible with Joyzze™ Raptor & Piranha 

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Joyzze™ 8 Piece Metal Comb Attachment Set (A/D-Series) is engineered for versatile cutting, we use the highest quality material and manufacturing process to deliver exceptional performance every time.

• Securely attaches to blade

• Color coded for easy identification

• Effortlessly glides through all coat types

• Made with Stainless Steel for durability


*A-Series Combs only compatible with:
#10 , #15, and #30 A-SERIES blades

Blade Compatibility:
D-Series & A-Series* (*blade specific)
Comb Material:
Stainless Steel
Color Coded:
Total Combs:
8 Individual Combs

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    Guard combs!

    Posted by Rebecca Sotelo on 21st Jun 2023

    These are honestly very disappointing!! They do not clamp on to your #10 or #30 correctly which causes hair to get stuck in comb while you are grooming! These are just not made well! Seam similar to magnets combs which don’t work well at all!!


3mm | 1/8"  Cut Length

6mm | 1/4"  Cut Length

10mm | 3/8"  Cut Length

13mm | 1/2"  Cut Length

16mm | 5/8"  Cut Length

19mm | 3/4"  Cut Length

22mm | 7/8"  Cut Length

25mm | 1"  Cut Length

- Compatible Clippers & Blades -

Joyzze™ Raptor

A-SERIES | A5 Style Clipper

Joyzze™ Raptor is designed with a high-performance smart motor and can flawlessly toggle between 2500 | 3100 | 3800 SPMs.

Joyzze™ Piranha

D-SERIES | Hybrid Joyzze Clipper

Joyzze™ Piranha offers a powerful yet smooth 6000 SPM delivery for increased productivity and shorter grooming time.  Combining the ergonomic body of a 5-in-1 clipper and the width of an A5 style blade, this compact, lightweight design, can tackle a wide range of grooming application with incredible versatility.  The D-Series 4F, 5F, 7F and #10 Blade are included with the Piranha Clipper Bundle.


*A-Series - use with specific blades only.

#10 - #15 - #30